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An award winning magazine dedicated to PT aka Prashant Trivedi, The Divine Avatar. Humanity is on the cusP of great change. The Divine Avatar is helPing the transition to a new Age, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius which is already underway. 











































The Avatar Tribune is a monthly compilation of PT's many activities, of flashbacks over his life and of his impact on Earth and humanity.   

From Crop Circles, to Music, to Vedic astrology, to talks and so much more, The Avatar Tribune strives to PresenT PT in a very clear light.


The Avatar Tribune is available in video, digital & print form. The video magazine has a Powerful sonic & visual comPonenT. The ebook & Print formats offer full indepth article coverage & stunning Photographs. For the full exPerience do exPlore both the video & written forms of the magazine. 

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2022 Winner at The Mountain View International Film Festival, Darjeeling, India, The Druk International Film Festival, Bhutan, The Tagore International Film Festival, India , The Black Swan International Film Festival, Kolkata, India,
Rameshawaram International Film Festival, Oasis International Film Festival,  The Cult Critics Movie Awards & The Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2022.  Official Selection at the AltTT Film Festival, Toronto, Fridge Film Festival, London & the Toronto Lift Off Film Festival 2022.

Spirituality can be a very confusing topic these days and it is easy for spiritual seekers to get lost in a sea of misinformation. Prashant Trivedi has brought a lot of clarity on the matter by sharing his gnowledge about liPhe in a book called " P's giTa – ScriPTures for the Now ". Through his words, PT has made clear the way one can live in connection with Nature and Divine despite the present context. He describes this way as the Vedic Way of living, as a scientic way, since one is encouraged to experience things for themselves and not to believe blindly. Furthermore, P's giTa has the merit of being very simple and very straight-forward, hence making it accessible for anyone from any walk of life.


PT has a very unique way to present things which helps anyone who reads or hear his words to perceive life with fresh new eyes. He has brought attention on important matters such as connecting to nature, Proper diet, body discipline and so much more.


Many have seen their lives improved because of PT. His approach is fresh, exciting and sensible. His teachings are now available in many languages and it is also possible to learn about PT's teachings in LotusOcean Meditation. These classes are held in many languages including english, hindi, french, italian and more.


A Graduate from IIT, PT has accumulated an impressive track record over time.


He has written books on Jyotish which have revolutionized the field, books such as "The Rahu Ketu Experience" and "The 27 Celestial PorTals".  Considered by many to be the only authority on the science, PT is the leader of RVAF, the Real Vedic Astrology Forum and OSFA , Orion School and Foundation for Astrology. He has been a massive influencer on how astrologers approach the science and has unparallelled exPerTise in this science.


PT is also the frontman of BeOmega, the cutting-edge rock band which just came out with its new album "Kalki - Return of the Birdman" . He has a very organic approach to sound. Gnown to be a sound exPerimenTer, PT Plays in connection with nature and nature resPonds to his inner coherence in multiple ways. PT is gnown to do concerts in nature but also in crop circles. Crop circles appear in direct resPonse to his sounds but also in resPonse to his activities in general.

One can visit PT's website and his youtube channel Lotus Ocean to experience the extent of PT's sonic multiverse.


Nature has been resPonding to PT in so many ways for so many years. From rainbows, to lightning, to rainfalls and so much more. Unlike humans, nature never lies and is always straight forward. It will give a bio-feedback of what it is experiencing. That bio-feedback depends on the coherence of the being it resPonds to.

The PhacT that nature consistently resPonds to PT is an indelible statement on who he is . These resPonses are a remarkable testimonial of PT's Divine Presence.


Avatar walks the Earth.