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HoPi Vedic Parallels
What is the Ego?
Real Vedic Ahimsa
Vedic Military
The Real Significanc of Christmas
Why to stop wearing a watch
What is Real Yoga?
Music through us 

& Much More... 
The Real Avatar
HoPi Prophecy 
ImPorTance of a Vegetarian Diet 
Ending of Kali yuga - Age of Ignorance
Psychological Effect of Today
What is a Child's Purpose
Why Vedic is so imPorTant
The 4th, 5th & 6th Houses of a HoroscoPe

& Much More... 
2022 Video Magazine is Winner at The Mountain View Film Festival, Darjeeling, IndiaThe Druk International Film Festival, Bhutan, The Tagore International Film Festival, India , The Black Swan Film Festival, Kolkata India  & Rameshwaram International Film Festival, Tamil Nadu, India, Oasis international Film Festival  & The Cult Critics Movie Awards & The Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2022. Official Selection at the London Fridge
Film Festival, AltFF Film Festival, Toronto & the Toronto Lift Off Film Festival 2022.
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Kalki ~ Return of the Birdman ~ Sonics for the Age of Aquarius
CroP Circles ~ The Other Side PoinTing to PT 
The only true PaTh to freedom during Co-vid 19 Chaos
Navratri ~ Nature in PerfecT Balance
Colors or Divine ~ PhracTality at Play

& Much More...